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Why we love our soaps.

One thing I always ask myself when making a new soap is, "What makes it special?"

I am not seeking special stars or points but I need to make sure that I am creating something with intent.

I research ingredients, their sources, benefits.

When I create a new formula for OOAK Life soaps I'm not just putting things together that sound nice. They are nice!

A major difference between handcrafted soaps versus the soap bars at the retailer is that they technically aren't soap at all but detergents.

Soap is made from natural ingredients and detergents are synthetic or man made ingredients.

Our soaps are made with plant based oils and butters like olive oil, shea butter and mango seed.

There are no waxes or gardeners in these bars which is why it's so important to keep them high and dry when they're not in use.

Our Botanical bars are made with pure essential oils and natural colorants unless otherwise expressed.

We make sure to share all of the ingredients in our soap so you can make an informed decision.

We love our soaps so much and use them on our own babes.

We hope you love them too


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