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2021 J A N U A R Y A New Chapter in the Story

Accepting only Buenas Vibras in 2021!

Looking forward to all the new changes I have been planning on implementing throughout OOAK. <3 I was never a "planner person" until I started college. Now I have a huge calendar on my wall with space for notes and utilize my Google Calendar. We have some brand new products to roll out and so many plans throughout the year. I can't wait. Finally! We are rolling out the last elements of our rebranding! When I started OOAK I did everything myself. It was an outline of what my true vision was. But it wasn't quite right. After surviving personal loss, depression, and two closings of the store-my vision is clearer and now I can flip the switches where need be. I feel like we're now on track to the brand I envisioned and providing the highest quality products and service to you.

We have begun the market display changes in November (did you notice the upgrades?). The shipping packaging changes are finalizing as we speak and will be moving through from ingredient sourcing and product packaging and so on.

Analyzing our current suppliers means we are asking ourselves questions regarding ethical sourcing or how recyclable is a container. One example would be black glass. It's so beautiful and I tend to lean toward it however, black glass can only be recycled into black glass, and not every recycling facility handles it. *soft boo*

Proud to announce our newest supplier of Shea butter. Unrefined, Wildcrafted, Handcrafted shea butter that is from a co-op of women. What I loved about this shea butter is that it is Community Certified Fair Trade. This means that the women will meet annually to review if they have been treated fairly, payment is above market price, a dignified relationship between the co-op and the company, and that the women designate priorities that the company must support: support of education, youth groups, and other issues or priorities.

They practice low waste and environmental sustainability. We will reveal this company and its environmental practices and sustainable plan when our first loaves of soap and batch of balms are ready!

I have dug really deep to find out what I want from OOAK for myself as well. I think on this blog I will begin to share more holistic information and even educational content. I consider myself a perpetual student and I think there are a few of you out there that feel the same way. As I am constantly learning more about traditional medicinal herbs and even creating, I thought I could share this info into the void.

Other things I would like to share would be my favorite vegan foods, local stores that I grew up on, favorite restaurants, and all those little fun and funky things we really share with our friends. Since you all are my friends too, I thought this could be a great way to share more about myself and encourage the support of small businesses in the community.

Through these superficial changes of the brand, our high quality and ethical sourcing is always of the utmost importance. I am committed to our goal of kindness to our plant while creating beautiful products that are kind to your skin.

Please share below what you would like to see. Don't be shy!



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