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Serving up Treats

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

🎃When my sister and I were little we got into trouble because we constantly rented the same movie over and over again from Blockbuster.

We would walk in and drop our movie into the return slot and go and pick up the same movie off the shelf.

I'm sure our parents could've bought the same movie 5 times over for what they rented it for. I mean I'd be mad at me.

🎃I've always loved Halloween and all thing spooky. I cannot explain why I love it so much. My mom allowed me to express my love for this holiday and let me decorate the house every year.

I had so many Halloween decorations and always wanted to throw a Halloween party.

🎃As a kid, I found and bought a 1970s vintage Ouija board just to keep. I've always loved the macabre. The oddities like preserved butterflies and bugs and bats and things. I love the study of bones. I would collect all the medical and anatomy models I could but that hobby is one I can't afford just yet. Right now I just have Theodore, my lone medical skull. I love ghost stories. Everything mystic and magical. The haunted.

🎃I think it's genetic because my kids love "The Spooky" they don't fear the cucuy, instead, they call him out 💀 Phoenix said "If I was the Cucuy I'd pick a better name"

🎃 I'm happy to share my love of the unknown and the spooky with my kids. I cannot wait to share the joy in decorating and the scare of it all.

🎃Happy Halloween friends 🖤

Oh yeah,the movie- Nightmare Before Christmas. It's now Phoenix's favorite and Gryffie's is Coraline 🧶


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