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A new way to think about the New Year.

Hello Friends!

How is everyone doing? I know Im a little late saying this but Happy New Year! I hope you all were able to celebrate safely with your loved ones and ring in a New Year with optimism and faith in a new year.

I think this will be my third year that I have the optimism and the good intention of being more present on this blog and sharing things and philosophy but as we all know, my track record is not favorable. I get busy and I reduce my schedule to the fundamentals that need to be completed. Essentially, I am hoping this check in will be a habit.

Amongst the celebrations and release of the old year, New Years always seem to bring about this social pressure around resolutions. I always felt that it had to be something significant, profound and impressive. This year though I have decided that's not what im going to do, I just want to build on whatever progress I made from the year before. As a one woman show here, my presence in the spaces of my life are thin. I just want to be in the moment throughout the ever growing parts of this corner of life I have created for myself. OOAK Life, throughout this time and even through its pauses, has began to blossom beautifully. I strongly encourage you to sign up for the newsletter as I begin to create and formulate a monthly newsletter with sneak peeks of releases, important info and helpful info. It will have different facets to it like more info on the incredible and magical ingredients we use in our products and the multitude of ways we use them and more that I won't release just yet. Theres so much for to this that I really hope this will be inspiring and encouraging to everyone to follow your dreams, even when it's scary.

I want to just simply say the most gratuitous thank you to everyone who supported myself and my business last year. We have grown so much as a creative and also as a brand.

I'll see you on the next check in.



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