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Simple Herbal Eyewash

How many of you used to go outside and make potions with grass & flowers? 🖐🏼I did!

As a *still learning* herbalist, it feels so natural to feel like that small kid again making potions and knowing how to use it.

Today is a simple eyewash with Chamomile and Plantain leaf.

I have these dry, itchy red eyes and I searched through my books for some relief.

Plants that have cooling and moisturizing properties to counteract the symptoms.

(Chamomile is also anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial 🙌🏼)

I found this simple eyewash and It's great support for types of conjunctivitis or allergy symptoms.

Grab a tablespoon of chamomile or a tablespoon of a chamomile & plantain blend (mine is 50/50)

Add a cup of just boiled water and let it steep for 30min.

Strain liquid and pour into a small dish.

Use a clean washcloth to soak up tea and place on eyes for 5min. (Make sure tea is cooled down to tolerate being on skin! No hot tea!)

This is also a great wash for itchy skin just up your mix to 1/2 a cup and a quart of water and use a wash cloth or mix into a bath.

This is not intended replace any professional medical advice.


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