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Caring for Handcrafted Soap

"What do you mean I need to take care of my soap?!" *eye roll* Yes. Handmade soap like ours, are made with plant based oils & butters that go through the saponification process. Though we had hard butters like cocoa & Shea, we don't have any other hardeners or waxes like commercial soap. Handmade soap should be left out of direct water stream and left out of the corners of your shower that pool water.

Rest on a draining soap dish and if you don't have one, DIY one! Take a cap from a large bottle (OJ or similar) and place soap on the open end so water can drip into it .

That way wont break down your soap & make it soft!

You can also cut off pieces of your bar too.

It will last you SO much longer. Making you & your skin very happy!

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