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About OOAK 

OOAK Life was founded on the idea that all people live a life uniquely their own. We are here for you.


With a combination of ancestral knowledge and traditional herbalism, OOAK Life is proud to create vegan, ethically sourced, natural & fresh wellness products from soaps, salves & other skin goods. 

We also pride ourselves on integrity and transparency. Our brand is cruelty-free to animals and we source our ingredients that are community-certified fair trade.

Our products are minimalistic and intentionally created.  Some are intentionally for fun as well. 

We elect to keep things B.S. free. and be mindful of the environmental impact our product ingredients will have.

We promise to create meaningfully crafted products using the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients. 

Lots of Good Sh*t, No Bullsh*t. 

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